I'm Vedran Žgela, a freelance web developer based in Zurich.

I build custom online stores and CMS websites for startups, SME’s, agencies and everything in between with a strong focus on user experience and micro interactions.

Me, myself and I

Since 2012, I’ve navigated the self-employed landscape, creating unique as well as functional websites and online stores.

My work is driven by a passion for web development, constantly seeking out new challenges and experiences.


That's my background

After completing my apprenticeship at a small agency in Appenzell (mainly building TYPO3 websites), I made the decision to move to Zurich and work for Liip, an up-and-coming web agency back then.

A few years later, I chose to become self-employed and have never looked back since. Only one agency was able to win me over again: At Y7K, I had the pleasure of developing innovative websites and apps alongside progressive minds.

By the way: Ich spreche auch Deutsch (au Schwiizerdütsch) a možemo i na hrvatski.


How I can help

I offer a broad range of digital services tailored to enhance your online presence and operational efficiency, including:

  • Frontend & Backend Development Building seamless, scalable websites & applications with a focus on simplicity and accessibilty.
  • Wordpress & WooCommerce Primarily, I specialize in WordPress in combination with the Roots stack and WooCommerce, delivering custom solutions for content management and eCommerce systems.
  • Technical Research & eCommerce Consulting Guiding strategies for tech advancement and online retail success as well as designing efficient, innovative system architectures.
  • Process Optimization Consulting Refining internal company processes and advising on the strategic use of tools and automation.
  • CTO Services & Technical Partnership Providing strategic leadership and technical guidance as a CTO or technical partner, focusing on aligning technology strategy with business goals.
  • Additional services I also provide expertise in Craft CMS, Shopify, Webflow, Astro, and other tools & frameworks, depending on the specific requirements of your project and its scope.

Who I work for

In the past, I have mainly worked for agencies as a freelance developer on specific projects or for clients who reached out to me directly.

I am also open to long-term collaborations, whether it be with a startup or an agency.

Furthermore, I’m happy to offer my services as a CTO if you are a startup in need of technical leadership, or if you’re looking for a technical partner to bring your idea to life.



As a Scrum Master, my approach to development is agile, efficient, and streamlined, eliminating any superfluous steps.

I believe that transparent communication is crucial to the success of a project. For me, this includes making time for face-to-face meetings or on-site work sessions as needed.

I firmly believe that enjoying the process is key. A bit of fun not only enhances creativity but also strengthens our partnership.


Money talk

My hourly rate is CHF 140. However, I recognize that some exciting projects may not have a large budget.

Regardless, I am open to discussing the terms of my compensation, as I value the opportunity to work on meaningful projects and collaborate with interesting people just as much.

For long-term commissions, I’m happy to discuss my hourly rate, and I am also open to talking about retainers, of course.

In short: money should never be the obstacle to bringing a project to life. So, let’s talk.


We are not alone

I collaborate with a core group of individuals and agencies to ensure project success, especially under tight deadlines or when specialized expertise is required.

For various projects, both client-facing and private, I partner with my friend Philipp Wellmer, who also steps in for me during absences due to illness or vacation.


Getting started

If you’re keen on collaborating or wish to dive deeper into any of the topics mentioned, the most effective way to reach out is by dropping me an email at v@zge.la.


Projects & Partners


A few endorsements

«Working with Vedran was very pleasant and efficient. I particularly appreciated his excellent knowledge of new tools and trends in the web sector.»

Alice Hollenstein Urban Psychology

«He knows how to turn visions into functional and pleasing web solutions. For us, Vedran is more than just a freelancer; he is a valued part of our team.»

Peter Thieu DU DA

«Vedran Žgela is an outstanding web developer! His work is top-notch and he is always accessible, extremely fast, and efficient.»

Lorenzo Kettmeir Projekt Interim
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